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    Screening, diagnosis, and assessment of individual and family functions, needs, abilities, disabilities, and to determine the current status. Read More

      Planning, consultation and/or early intervention (client-related). Planning and management consultants (non-client related) Read More

        Crisis stabilization residential and community-based services Read More

          Activities designed to remove barriers to meeting identified needs and to provide facts about resources that are available and help… Read More

            Coordination service provided to individuals in the justice system. Read More

              Licensed Professional determine how the medications are affecting the individual and if there are drug interactions or adverse effects. Read More

                Inpatient/community hospital is for inpatient expenses incurred at community-based hospitals, either private or public. Read More

                  Evaluation and treatment services provided on an ambulatory basis for the target population Read More

                    An electronic device connected to a 24-hour staffed system which allows the individual to access assistance in the event of… Read More

                      Activities provided to increase awareness and understanding of the causes and nature of conditions and situations which affect a person’s… Read More

                        Activities designed to help individuals and their families identify service needs and coordinate service delivery but which do not constitute… Read More