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Planning, consultation and/or early intervention (client-related). Planning and management consultants (non-client related) Read More

Health Homes Coordination

A service model that facilitates access to an interdisciplinary array of medical care, behavioral health care, and community-based social services… Read More

Information & Referral

Activities designed to remove barriers to meeting identified needs and to provide facts about resources that are available and help… Read More

Job Development

Services that assist individuals in preparing for, securing, and maintaining gainful, competitive employment. Read More

Peer Support Services

The program provided by a peer support specialist includes but not limited to education and information, individual advocacy, family support… Read More

Public Education

Activities provided to increase awareness and understanding of the causes and nature of conditions and situations which affect a person’s… Read More

Respite Services

A temporary period of relief and support for individuals and their families provided in a variety of settings. Read More

Services Management

Activities designed to help individuals and their families identify service needs and coordinate service delivery but which do not constitute… Read More

Subacute Services

A comprehensive set of wraparound services for persons who have had or are at imminent risk of having acute or… Read More

Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services include ongoing supports needed by an individual to acquire and maintain a job in the integrated workforce Read More

Supported housing

A combination of housing and services intended as a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives; tenancy… Read More