24 Hour Crisis Line

If you or a loved one is in crisis, please reach out to 855-581-8111 which provides 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress. The line provides crisis services and resources for you or your loved one.

Crisis Hotline

Sexual Assault Hotline

When to call

Everyone can feel depressed at times. This is normal. Feeling depressed or angry can be natural reactions to some of life’s challenges. For some, these feelings can grow to feelings of suicide or hurting yourself, but you do not have to struggle alone. We are always available to give you support, strength, and hope. Our services are also here for caregivers or people who are concerned about a suicidal or depressed loved one.
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Talking about feeling hopeless
  • Experiencing anxiety or agitation
  • Increasing risky behaviors or substance use
  • In danger of hurting yourselves or someone else

If you have a mental health emergency, you should seek help right away. At any time during the day or night call any of these for help:

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line Number: 855-581-8111
  • Text Crisis Line Number: 855-895-8398
  • 911
  • or go to a hospital or other setting that offers emergency care

Calling the Crisis Line: FAQ

Yes! Many callers are identified as not being suicidal at the time of their call. We like to think that suicide hotlines have the power to support someone before a crisis, preventing potential escalation.

Absolutely!  We can’t call out to the person-at-risk ourselves, but we can give guidance on how to assess for safety, what emotional support tends to be most effective, and referrals that can intervene in an emergency.

When the counselor answers the call, they will offer their name and ask you for yours. Immediately after getting your name they’ll need to ask you about your own suicidal thoughts. This is to prioritize safety concerns, and for triage. After determining risk of suicidal, the counselor will start asking questions about what brought you to call. They’ll probe a bit about what’s been going on recently and how you’re feeling about these circumstances. As the call continues, the operator will start exploring next steps, mostly in terms of self-care but sometimes in terms of addressing issues that may be leading to suicidal.

No. We do not provide confirmation of contact, or released any call records. This is true for both adults and youth. The only times we lift confidentiality are in times of immediate physical danger, in which case we will only contact emergency services.

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