When you walk through our doors, you’re immersed in a comfortable, welcoming environment – one where you feel safe and respected.

That atmosphere is a testament to Michael Maher, who co-founded Counseling Associates in 1996 and serves as its Executive Director.

Mike has been a licensed mental health counselor for 33 years and has earned an excellent reputation in the communities that Counseling Associates serves. He’s described by staff and clients as compassionate and non-judgmental, a person who encourages and supports them on their path or journey.

Through his leadership, the therapists and staff at Counseling Associates offer hope and healing.

“We all have our unique styles or approach, but everyone here is interested in the welfare of people,” Mike says. “We want people to be able to manage their life better than when they came in.”

Contracted with SEIL for Community Education, Crisis Assessment/Evaluation and Urgent Care, Crisis Support Consultation, Integrated Health Home Care Coordination.

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