Subacute Services

1 - 5 Beds and 6 and over beds

The same as defined in Iowa Code section 225C.6(4)“c” and includes both subacute facility-based services and subacute community-based services.

  1. A comprehensive set of wraparound services for persons who have had or are at imminent risk of having acute or crisis mental health symptoms that do not permit the persons to remain in or threatens removal of the persons from their home and community, but who have been determined by a mental health professional and licensed health care professional, subject to the professional’s scope of practice, not to need inpatient acute hospital services. For the purposes of this subparagraph, “mental health professional” means the same as defined in section 228.1, and “licensed health care professional” means a person licensed under chapter 148 to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery, an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under chapter 152 or 152E, or a physician assistant licensed to practice under the supervision of a physician as authorized in chapters 147 and 148C.
  2. Intensive, recovery-oriented treatment and monitoring of the person with direct or remote access to a psychiatrist or advanced registered nurse practitioner.
  3. An outcome-focused, interdisciplinary approach designed to return the person to living successfully in the community.
  4. Services that may be provided in a wide array of settings ranging from the person’s home to a facility providing subacute mental health services.
  5. Services that are time-limited to not more than ten days or another time period determined in accordance with rules adopted for this purpose.