When you don’t know who to turn to about a problem with alcohol, drugs, gambling, suicidal thoughts or mental health, Your Life Iowa is here for you 24/7. We provide free, confidential support and connect you to resources meant to help you get your life back on track


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Human services workers build a stronger tomorrow. It takes a sizeable team of compassionate, strong, big-hearted individuals to serve the thousands of Iowans who depend on direct care for their health and well-being.

Why Work with Us

Southeast Iowa Link (SEIL) facilitates open, quality comprehensive services to people with multiple issues. We strive to be welcoming, hopeful and helpful to people who have complex MHDS challenges, including trauma.

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Strength Based, Person Centered

Helping people with complex MHDS challenges find resources.

Accepting, Non-Judgemental

We strive to be non-judgemental  and accepting when we are providing you services


Providing opportunities that improve lives.


We are dedicated to helping those improve their health and lives.


We provide support to people with specific MHDS and SED challenges.

Southeast Iowa Link (SEIL)

Our system will facilitate accessible, high quality, and comprehensive services to people and families with multiple issues in their lives. We will be welcoming, hopeful, & helpful in providing integrated services to people who have complex MH/SA/DS challenges, including trauma, so that more people can get help in a single door, and fewer people fall through the cracks.

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